For those starting out in the Casino Affiliate business it can be a lonely uphill struggle. In the beginning most affiliates will be working alone and largely in the dark, trying to figure out the best merchants to promote, which casinos convert and discovering the most profitable niches.

All casino affiliates will make mistakes in the beginning. It can take years to accumulate the knowledge needed to turn traffic into profits. However, you can limit mistakes by joining a few friendly Affiliate Forums.

I’ve found the majority of affiliates are more than happy to share information with one another. However, that’s not to say they will give you a list of there most profitable keywords! Nevertheless, they’ll help you identify rogue merchants, share SEO tips and give coding/tech advice – along with numerous other subjects and topics will can help you build your business.

Below I’ve listed a couple of the forums which helped me when I was starting out. Visit them, join and get involved in the discussions.

GPWA – Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

With over 20,000 registered members, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association is the leading forum for casino & sports betting affiliates. Once you’ve joined you’ll also get access to the fantastic monthly magazine and forum threads which aren’t available to the public.

Affiliate Guard Dog

Casino Affiliate Programs are reviewed in complete detail, including Terms and Conditions Analysis. The forum provides a list of certified affiliate programs and rogue operators.


The MOZ forum focuses on SEO, social media and Content issues, it can be a great place to find technical answers to your questions and members will often help direct identify site issues or make suggestions to improve SEO.

If you’ve never heard of QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) then prepare to experience the next big thing in Web/Mobile/Marketing convergence. Like most technological innovations this one started in Japan.

DENSO Corporation invented the system to track automobile parts around it’s various factories. QR Codes are basically barcodes that can store lots of data and what makes them unique is that you don’t need a barcode scanner to read them, just a mobile phone with a camera and some free QR reader software.

Already Sony Ericsson is signed up to include free QR and 2D Barcode reader software on it’s phones. The apple iPhone already has a numerous QR reader apps available to download for free on the app store.

OK, so far I can tell you’re not impressed!
Why would anyone want to use this system? Well all I can say is that once you try it, you’ll instantly see it’s real world possibilities. Here’s just a few way to use QR Codes…

Embed Website Addresses In QR Codes
You can embed a website URL into a QR Code because as we know typing URL’s into cell phones can be tedious and mistyping a URL is a common problem. Wouldn’t it be much easier to print a QR Code on a poster or press ad and have the reader snap the code on a camera phone and be directed to the website instantly? Remember not everyone in the world uses the standard English alphabet! QR Codes will overcome language barriers and make visiting websites easier than ever before.

Embed Geotags Into QR Codes
Let’s say that you’re holding a special event or sale and you want to direct people to it, just embed the Geo co-ordinates of the event into a QR Code. Nearly all high end mobile phones now have GPS and google maps as standard (soon even low cost phone will have them) and Embeded QR Code geotags can link directly to google maps on the users phone and let them know where to go. Large shopping malls or stores can use this to guide shoppers. Even tourist boards in major cities can use it to direct visitors to attractions and places of interest.

Send SMS Messages With QR Codes
That’s right, you can even embed SMS messages directly into QR Codes. As a business you might run a special offer or promotion via SMS service and explaining the instructions to customers can often be long winded and confusion can easily arise. Why tell someone to “TEXT ‘OFFER’ to 2654”? Why not just show them a QR Code! I can imagine that QR Codes will soon be flashed up on TV screens to enable people to vote in reality TV shows or to receive a promo code from advertisers.

Basic Information QR Codes
How about using QR Codes to give basic information? Your business card may have your phone number, address and email details buy why not just print a QR code on a business card and link it to a webpage with your full contact details? If you ever change premises or telephone number, just update the website. No more reprinting business cards!

These are just a few of the real world ways to use QR Codes and I’m sure, over time, people will come up with even more innovative ways to use them. Eddison-Media is really excited about technology, so much so that we’ve registered a few QR Code domains already. So far we have, and We also plan to run a QR Code promotion in the next few weeks.

If you want to test a QR Code then try this one! It links to one of our websites.


A quick video to show you how fast QR codes work.

You can find out more about QR Codes and 2D Barcodes by following the links below.

Make Your Own QR Codes

QR Code Article On Wikipedia

QR Codes On Mashable

QR Codes On BCC Click

If you need a free QR Code reader for your mobile phone then try these…

Barcode Scanner ~ Android OS

QuickMark QR Reader ~ Various Phones Including: Nokia, HTC, Samsung, iPhone is the newest entry into Eddison-Media’s website portfolio, rings is not a market that we’ve entered into before and we’ll be interested to see how the site performs. allows visitors who are looking for engagement rings or other types of diamond rings to quickly search through multiple UK suppliers.

The ring merchants are sourced from AffiliateWindow (one of my favorite networks) and the site is built with WordPress and custom templates. As yet we’ve not sold a single ring! but the site is still very new and we’re waiting for google to trawl all the pages. Fingers crossed for the first sale soon. started out as a fairly small website which we produced on a whim and never really believe would be that popular. We couldn’t have been more wrong! As often happens in affiliate marketing the websites you least expect to become successful end up becoming blockbusters. That’s not to say the traffic levels of are out of this world, but it does seem that visitors really engage with the site content and conversion rates are very high.

Recently we added our first video reviews and video game previews of all the scratch cards available to play thru The high quality videos are produced with iShowU HD capture software and uploaded to Vimeo.

The site currently features games from Jackpot Joy, Scratch2Cash, Crown Bingo, Will Hill and Hoppa. We are always looking for more scratch card games to feature on the site, so if you have any recommendation then let us know ~ commenting is often the easiest way to contact us. is one of Eddison-Media’s first websites. Metazone is a guide to the London Tube network and also features restaurants and hotels near underground stations. The site provides real travel status on the Tube network and a journey planner. The site features a restaurant booking service from TopTable and a hotel booking service from SuperBreak.

Visitors to the site can easily view information on all tube stations and there surrounding attractions, hotels, pubs, restaurants. Recently we have also built a mobile version of the site ( for iphone/smart phone users.

The old proverb says “If you love something, set it free” which sums up how I feel about affiliate marketing. I’m lucky enough to enjoy a great lifestyle, largely due to affiliate marketing. I didn’t invent affiliate marketing nor was I the first person to prosper from affiliate marketing. Like many people in business I had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time! There is nothing remarkable about me nor my company, other than seeing an opportunity and going for it at full throttle. So why do so many people want to keep affiliate marketing a secret?

Many people do ask “how do you make money with affiliate marketing?” and I’m happy to tell them, it isn’t a get rich quick scheme, unless you count six years as quick? but it’s still one of the very few business models that can be set up with minimal capital outlay (often less than £20 per year). By creating a useful website and utilizing affiliate marketing you could easily make a four figure sum per year. If you’re good at it you can make five figures. If you’re really good at it you can be a millionaire with your own make-up range, just like the 27-year-old single mother from South Shields, Tyneside who became a YouTube sensation. I know what you’re thinking right now “Why didn’t I do that!” well it’s simple, you didn’t. But you can do something else, there’s 6 billion people in the world and sooner than later most of them will be online ~ what can you offer them? With numbers this large at some point at least 200,000 people a day will have a leaky tap! If you’re a plumber, why not give a free online guide to fixing leaks. If your guide links to an online plumbing store then even better! Who’s going to begrudge you making a few pence commission from pushing plumbing supply’s to people who need them?

This is the core of affiliate marketing, giving people what the want quickly and add some value along the way. So what has all this to do with the post title ‘Best Bingo’ I knew you’d ask eventually. A friend recently asked me to help her build an affiliate site, with the aid of wordpress, templates from StudioPress and a few hours of hard work we soon knocked out the beginnings of a great bingo review site, you might wonder why I’d give my time and advice for free to someone who will be in direct competition with me? Competition is a good thing, it improves all of us, I now need to raise the bar with my own bingo sites to compete with BestBingo. How can that be a bad thing?

If you’d like to ask any questions about affiliate marketing, how to make money online, design or any technical questions you might have then just post a comment below and I will share the wealth.

One of our newest websites ( has just been updated with new club shirts and we’ve applied some backend  tweaks to help visitors find the shirts more easily. Since launching we have been amazed by the level of actively the site enjoys, visitors are buying shirts everyday from our featured merchants (Toffs, Kitbag & Subside Sports) we hoped the site would do well but never expected the traffic levels and conversions to be this high this quickly.