Eddison Media has taken it’s first step into the world of iPhone apps with the launch of ‘The Game Hunter’ app on the iTunes store. The new app features the best reviews from the Game Hunter website plus the live RSS feed.

The app is your complete free guide to casinos, poker games and bingo. Plus all the latest gambling news via RSS feed, updated daily with stories, tips and bonus deals. In the coming months we will look at developing more apps from the iPad & iPhone. Development of the app was provided by the excellent are specialists in the creation of a mobile friendly websites. Whether you already have an existing website and online strategy or if you are even taking your first steps online, Mobiomic can advise and realise the best route for your brand.

Already Mobiomic have helped us create iPhone friendly versions of our most popular portals. Check out from your phone or iPad to see what Mobiomic can do. The site is also full of great design features when visited via a mobile device ~ twist your iPhone for some cool effects.

If you’re looking for experts in the field of mobile web creation and design give a shout today.

If you’ve never heard of QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) then prepare to experience the next big thing in Web/Mobile/Marketing convergence. Like most technological innovations this one started in Japan.

DENSO Corporation invented the system to track automobile parts around it’s various factories. QR Codes are basically barcodes that can store lots of data and what makes them unique is that you don’t need a barcode scanner to read them, just a mobile phone with a camera and some free QR reader software.

Already Sony Ericsson is signed up to include free QR and 2D Barcode reader software on it’s phones. The apple iPhone already has a numerous QR reader apps available to download for free on the app store.

OK, so far I can tell you’re not impressed!
Why would anyone want to use this system? Well all I can say is that once you try it, you’ll instantly see it’s real world possibilities. Here’s just a few way to use QR Codes…

Embed Website Addresses In QR Codes
You can embed a website URL into a QR Code because as we know typing URL’s into cell phones can be tedious and mistyping a URL is a common problem. Wouldn’t it be much easier to print a QR Code on a poster or press ad and have the reader snap the code on a camera phone and be directed to the website instantly? Remember not everyone in the world uses the standard English alphabet! QR Codes will overcome language barriers and make visiting websites easier than ever before.

Embed Geotags Into QR Codes
Let’s say that you’re holding a special event or sale and you want to direct people to it, just embed the Geo co-ordinates of the event into a QR Code. Nearly all high end mobile phones now have GPS and google maps as standard (soon even low cost phone will have them) and Embeded QR Code geotags can link directly to google maps on the users phone and let them know where to go. Large shopping malls or stores can use this to guide shoppers. Even tourist boards in major cities can use it to direct visitors to attractions and places of interest.

Send SMS Messages With QR Codes
That’s right, you can even embed SMS messages directly into QR Codes. As a business you might run a special offer or promotion via SMS service and explaining the instructions to customers can often be long winded and confusion can easily arise. Why tell someone to “TEXT ‘OFFER’ to 2654”? Why not just show them a QR Code! I can imagine that QR Codes will soon be flashed up on TV screens to enable people to vote in reality TV shows or to receive a promo code from advertisers.

Basic Information QR Codes
How about using QR Codes to give basic information? Your business card may have your phone number, address and email details buy why not just print a QR code on a business card and link it to a webpage with your full contact details? If you ever change premises or telephone number, just update the website. No more reprinting business cards!

These are just a few of the real world ways to use QR Codes and I’m sure, over time, people will come up with even more innovative ways to use them. Eddison-Media is really excited about technology, so much so that we’ve registered a few QR Code domains already. So far we have, and We also plan to run a QR Code promotion in the next few weeks.

If you want to test a QR Code then try this one! It links to one of our websites.


A quick video to show you how fast QR codes work.

You can find out more about QR Codes and 2D Barcodes by following the links below.

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If you need a free QR Code reader for your mobile phone then try these…

Barcode Scanner ~ Android OS

QuickMark QR Reader ~ Various Phones Including: Nokia, HTC, Samsung, iPhone

First let me say that me and my iPhone are inseparable, I can easily be pigeonholed as your typical Apple Fanboy. I love playing with new apps from the iTunes store and have recently discovered ‘RedLaser’ barcode scanning app.

I know it sounds uber geeky but this little app is addictive! Fire up the app on your phone and start scanning bar codes! So how does it work? well, the app opens the iPhone camera, then point it in the direction of a barcode and hey presto the app comes back with information on that product. Impressive but ultimately not very useful, until you discover that RedLaser barcode reader then queries Amazon and Google Product search to find the scanned product at the cheapest price available online! Let’s say you’re wandering around the shops and see a 42in flat screen TV you like, just scan it’s barcode to see if it’s cheaper online. People with Amazon accounts can purchase scanned items with one click. When I first downloaded the app I was concerned that it wouldn’t deliver on it’s promise, so far it’s been working first scan on nearly ever product I’ve tried. Occasionally very small barcodes don’t scan, I think this is more to do with the minimum focal distance of the iPhone camera than the actual app.

I have the 2nd gen iPhone so I’m interested to know if the new iPhone with it’s improved camera works even better than mine. The app cost £1.19 which you could easily recoup with one scanned purchase, especially on big ticket items like TVs, Bikes, Blu Ray players or Console games. I was surprised that RedLaser charge for the app, as far as I can tell the app doesn’t use affiliate links when it searches for products! (I could be wrong) Amazon has one of the biggest affiliate scheme around, you’d think that RedLaser would be signed up and making some nice commission on everything sold via the app. If the app does use affiliate links then why not give it away for free? Any user making just one or two purchases via the app would generate more revenue than the £0.80p that RedLaser are probably getting after Apple takes it’s cut.

See the app in action watch the video

It’s been a long time coming but finally a main steam newspaper seems to have cottoned on to the potential of the iPhone as a delivery method for a news. For too long newspapers have seen themselves in the business of selling paper. What newspapers really sell is news and editorial comment. The delivery method is unimportant, the English national newspaper ‘The Independent’ has just launched The Indy on apples iPhone app store, the application offers readers the chance to read articles from The Independent both on and off-line. Once launched the App automatically downloads all the articles and images for offline reading, talking around a minute on a Wi-Fi connection and a few minutes on a standard mobile connection, making it possible to read the latest Independent news even when without mobile reception, a real bonus for those stuck on the London Underground without phone signal.

The new app delivers 12 categories of articles, including World and UK news, Sport, Business, Football, Opinion, People, Politics, Technology, Arts and Entertainment and Environment. I’m sure the Indy is hoping the new app can help stem the raising losses at the newspaper. the app can be download for free from iTunes app store. Reviews from users on the store seem very positive, many describe it as the best news app on the store.