I started taking photos because I could never find the right images, at an affordable price to use in our websites. This was before the advent of istockphoto.com, where you can now buy quality images for as little as a dollar. I bought my first Digital SLR (Nikon D40) and slowly educated myself on learning how to use it. I was always amazed at the quality of the pictures, which had more to do with Nikon’s skill than my own. Nowadays I’ve graduated to shooting with a Nikon D300 and for the first time last week I stuck a Cokin ND (Natural Density) Filter onto the front of my camera. WOW what a difference a small piece of glass can make!

As clever as modern digital cameras are, they still have a tendency to over exposure the sky in any given shot. You can always correct this post production with photoshop but that is seriously boring work. The Cokin filter keeps every bit of detail in the sky and clouds, in the photo here you can really see the clouds and colour tones in the sky area. I always suspected my photos were lacking a certain something, well I was right. To often I’d blown out sky detail, especially at dawn or dusk, these filters give your photos that professional look instantly ~ that’s why I’m lovin Cokin Filters.