It’s been a long time coming but finally a main steam newspaper seems to have cottoned on to the potential of the iPhone as a delivery method for a news. For too long newspapers have seen themselves in the business of selling paper. What newspapers really sell is news and editorial comment. The delivery method is unimportant, the English national newspaper ‘The Independent’ has just launched The Indy on apples iPhone app store, the application offers readers the chance to read articles from The Independent both on and off-line. Once launched the App automatically downloads all the articles and images for offline reading, talking around a minute on a Wi-Fi connection and a few minutes on a standard mobile connection, making it possible to read the latest Independent news even when without mobile reception, a real bonus for those stuck on the London Underground without phone signal.

The new app delivers 12 categories of articles, including World and UK news, Sport, Business, Football, Opinion, People, Politics, Technology, Arts and Entertainment and Environment. I’m sure the Indy is hoping the new app can help stem the raising losses at the newspaper. the app can be download for free from iTunes app store. Reviews from users on the store seem very positive, many describe it as the best news app on the store.