For those starting out in the Casino Affiliate business it can be a lonely uphill struggle. In the beginning most affiliates will be working alone and largely in the dark, trying to figure out the best merchants to promote, which casinos convert and discovering the most profitable niches.

All casino affiliates will make mistakes in the beginning. It can take years to accumulate the knowledge needed to turn traffic into profits. However, you can limit mistakes by joining a few friendly Affiliate Forums.

I’ve found the majority of affiliates are more than happy to share information with one another. However, that’s not to say they will give you a list of there most profitable keywords! Nevertheless, they’ll help you identify rogue merchants, share SEO tips and give coding/tech advice – along with numerous other subjects and topics will can help you build your business.

Below I’ve listed a couple of the forums which helped me when I was starting out. Visit them, join and get involved in the discussions.

GPWA – Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

With over 20,000 registered members, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association is the leading forum for casino & sports betting affiliates. Once you’ve joined you’ll also get access to the fantastic monthly magazine and forum threads which aren’t available to the public.

Affiliate Guard Dog

Casino Affiliate Programs are reviewed in complete detail, including Terms and Conditions Analysis. The forum provides a list of certified affiliate programs and rogue operators.


The MOZ forum focuses on SEO, social media and Content issues, it can be a great place to find technical answers to your questions and members will often help direct identify site issues or make suggestions to improve SEO.