Paddy Power are already famous or rather infamous for their gorilla marketing campaigns. Lately The Irish bookmaker has been having the craic with golf fans at the Ryder Cup. Paddy Power ‘the masters of free publicity’ decided to support the European Ryder Cup team in a rather unusual way. They tweeted fans support for the team in clouds above the Ryder Cup course in Chicago!

It’s sounds like science fiction, but if you watch the video you’ll see how they achieved another marketing first. The letters of the tweets are spelt out my a team of aerobatic planes. Each pilot has a smoke canister attached to their plane, a central computer then coordinated the release of smoke from the five plans to spell out the tweets. It’s simple yet genius, like most of Paddy Power’s marketing campaigns this one has generated a huge amount of interest.

Getting the tweets to the pilots was pretty simple, Paddy Power just sent them via SMS to the pilots. From there the messages where then inputted into the onboard computer and outputted via the smoke canisters.

That’s how the skies above Medinah became the worlds biggest advertising billboard! Of course this is Paddy Power, so most of the messages had a fun angle to them, yet one message seemed to inspire Europe’s golfers to the biggest come back in sporting history… the message just read ‘Do It For Seve’.