Spin The Reels

The market for casino games in the United Kingdom has always been strong, in comparison to many of our European neighbours we have very liberal gaming laws.

Including the placement of slot machines outside of bricks and mortar casinos. You're unlikely to see a slot machine outside of a casino or racetrack in the U.S. or most of Europe for that matter.

However, here in Blighty, you can find them in chip shops, arcades, nightclubs and pubs.

Our nations love affair with the 'Pub Fruity' is a long and enduring one, who hasn't stuck 50 pence in one of these machines? Officially these machines are classed as AWPs or Amusements With Prizes, stake levels are low and jackpots have a fixed limit.

Our site pubfruitmachines.me.uk specifically reviews these types of games. The site also offers information on the latest bonuses and promotions from brands like Jackpot Joy and William Hill.

The online versions of AWPs generally have larger cash prizes than their real world counterparts and we also cover the mega jackpots on the site too.