Tapping away at a keyboard under the stairs, in a spare bedroom and even in a caravan has been great for our business over the last five years. The downside to home working is that our house now looks likes a cross between a creche and PC World.

Finally we’ve realized that an office would actually be a good thing! Hopefully the new office in the centre of Chester will give us room to grow and might even see us employ one or two people in the near future.

The office is large and set out over two floors, and has more space than we actually need. The windows look out over Chesters Stunning Cathedral and we’re hoping to take full advantage of the gardens during the summer.

Chester City has many Medieval buildings and our office is a Victorian take on the old Tudor style, including uneven floors and bowing windows! Like many buildings in Chester it looks like it might fall down at any moment.

Best of all the office sits above a traditional English sweet shop that still sells toffees, midget gems and bonbons in quarters from giant glass jars! This might be the best move ever 😉

Hopefully the office will be up and running very soon, I plan to celebrate with a little David Brent dance once we finally move in.